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Virus Removal – Newcastle, Maitland and Lake Macquarie
Is your computer infected with Viruses, Malware or Spyware? Our multistage process ensures we get rid of every infection and take steps to minimise re-infection in the future.

While Malware, Ransom ware, Virus and Spyware to a tech expert mean different things, to you they all mean one thing, your computer isn’t working right. Whether you are completely locked out from using your computer all together or are just having a bad time with popups, My Tech Tradie can help.

At My Tech Tradie we take the issue very seriously. Your financial security may be at risk with the possibility of credit card and bank details being stolen and used or in recent cases have your data encrypted and forced to pay a ransom to get it back. We take multiple steps when removing a virus to ensure that we get everything and do not leave any remnants behind that can cause issues later on. These steps include:

  • Scanning computers offline – We perform our scans without Windows booting. This stops the virus from also starting up and going into self-defence mode to try and hide itself,
  • Multiple Scans, Multiple Products – We don’t just do one scan, we do multiple scans with multiple products to ensure we get everything,
  • Rebuild if Required – On occasion the virus may damage Windows to the point where it needs to be rebuilt. In this case we backup your data, reinstall Windows and get you back up up and running quickly,
  • Minimise Future Risk – Once we have removed the virus we then take measures to minimise the risk to you in the future. We ensure your software is set to update automatically and that your antivirus is working to protect you.
  • Even the most careful people will at some stage become victim. The general trend these days is for hackers to break into a website and inject specially crafted code that attempts to infect all computers that visit the site. This means that even if you are visiting sites that are traditionally thought to be safe you may unwittingly become a victim.


Unfortunately by the time you see the side effects of a virus, malware or ransom ware it has often already got a foothold. It has circumvented your antivirus protection and generally will download even more infections.

Writers of malicious software can make large sums of money doing what they do. That is why the problem is becoming worse and antivirus makers are constantly on the back foot. They play a constant game of cat and mouse with the virus writers, attempting to protect their users as an overwhelming number of new viruses are released each day.

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