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Data Recovery – Newcastle, Maitland and Lake Macquarie
Crashed computer or lost files? We can help get your data back.

Data loss can be a pretty stressful time. Losing precious family photos or that important work document is enough to cause anyone’s stress levels to rise. At My Tech Tradie we take the stress out of the situation. Our technicians are capable of dealing with a wide range of data recovery scenarios to maximise the chance of you recovering your data.

We can recover data from a wide range of devices and scenarios. From a crashed computer that refuses to boot, through to physically damaged hard drives, we have solutions available for all scenarios.

Most people come to us after being told there is no hope for recovery of their data. Using our experience and when necessary external partnerships we are able to recover most cases of lost or corrupt data.

The most common types of data recovery scenarios we see are:

  • Crashed Computer – Sometimes your operating system (Windows or Mac OSX) will crash leaving your computer unable to boot but your data perfectly intact. We can either copy your data onto a new device or fix the original issue and get your computer back up and running again.
  • Missing Files – Accidentally deleted a file or maybe the file is corrupt. We utilise specialised data recovery software to scan your computer for the missing or corrupt files and restore them.
  • Physically Damaged Devices – Is your hard drive making a funny noise? Dropped your laptop and now it won’t boot? In many cases this is caused by the drive being physically damaged. With our partners we can have the drive assessed in a specialised clean room to maximise the chance of getting your data back.

We can recovery your data not only from your Windows or Apple computer but also from a range of devices. From cameras and memory cards to USB sticks, drives and even mobile and smart phones.

Not only can we recover data from a range of devices but we can recover a variety of data from photos, videos, music and documents we can scan your device and in most cases find the missing data.

If you have corrupt or missing data and live in the Newcastle, Maitland or Lake Macquarie regions Contact Us to discuss options that are available to you.