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At My Tech Tradie we take educating our customers seriously. That is why we have our How-to articles and videos and also offer this section called Trade Secrets. It is here we answer questions from our customers as well as the general public

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In the last couple of years I have made the transition from a desktop to a laptop. When my Laptop broke the other day the cost of repairing it was more expensive than what it is worth. This wasn't the case with my old desktop. Why are laptops and notebooks so much more expensive to repair?

Lana, New Lambton

Currently I backup my computer to a USB stick however I have had USB sticks die in the past. What should I be backing my computer up to?

Lachlan, Elermore Vale

What is hard drive defragmenting and why does it improve my computers performance?

Mick, New Lambton Heights

I want to get my parents a tablet for Christmas. With all the options out there I am just overwhelmed about what should I be getting them.

Harry, Lambton

The other day when I was working I knocked a glass of water over and right into my new laptop. I removed the power cable straight away, turned it off and removed the battery however I am now afraid to turn it on. What should I do?

Paul, Marylands