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Computer beeping on boot

My computer just started to make a beeping noise when I turn it on. Nothing is displayed on the screen and I have to turn it off at the power point. Is this something worth repairing?

Jane, Mayfield West

Hi Jane,
What you are hearing is a BIOS error code.

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is a very low level part of your computer. It provides an interface between your hardware and your software. When your computer first turns on BIOS performs a series of checks on your hardware. If it fails then it will output an error.

The reason you are hearing beeps is because the error has occurred before it has had the chance to start displaying graphics. If you listen carefully the beeps will be in a pattern, often of short beeps and long beeps and the pattern will continue repeating until you turn your computer off.

All manufacturers have different patterns so without knowing the specific pattern and manufacturer of your motherboard we can’t provide a specific answer.
Generally we do find with errors like this it is most often caused by the RAM. This can be as simple a fix as taking out and plugging the RAM back in, as it has lost contact through constant heating and cooling cycles, to replacing faulty RAM.

In the worst case scenario it is a fault with the motherboard. In most cases if the computer is out of warranty and the motherboard fails it isn’t worth repairing. The parts and labour involved compared to the low prices of computers these days doesn’t make it financially viable.

We can however in most cases still transfer your data from your old computer onto your new computer.