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At My Tech Tradie we take educating our customers seriously. That is why we have our How-to articles and videos and also offer this section called Trade Secrets. It is here we answer questions from our customers as well as the general public

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I have just started looking at a new computer for my children for school. They will need office but I have had a quick look and there appears to be a million different versions out there. What are the differences and what should I be looking for.

Casey, Hamilton

I have been getting notifications that I can update to Windows 10 for free. Is this something I should take advantage of?

Sean, Cardiff Heights

I am looking at getting a Laptop for Christmas. Up until now I have always had a desktop computer so I have no idea when it comes to laptops. What should I be looking for?

Jessica, Maryland

Why is it that my computer is always asking me to reboot to install updates and when it does it still says there are updates that need to be installed?

Carly, Mayfield

My computer just started to make a beeping noise when I turn it on. Nothing is displayed on the screen and I have to turn it off at the power point. Is this something worth repairing?

Jane, Mayfield West