My Tech Tradie Newcastle Onsite Computer Repairs

Business IT Support Newcastle and Maitland
My Tech Tradie offers a range of IT solutions for your business.

My Tech Tradie can provide a range of IT support and services specially crafted to support your business. If you are a business customer then contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation where we can evaluate and provide solutions to your unique problems.

We operate and provide the following services under our business servicing name, One Metric Pty Ltd.

 Managed Services

Single IT solutions or regular managed support is always available to help optimise your network’s performance.

Service Agents/Resources

We will represent your national business and help implement planned IT networking solutions for customers in our area. Contracting agreements available.

Offsite Backup Solutions

Our offsite backup solutions can provide peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and safe from viruses, theft or natural disasters.

 Business VoIP

My Tech Tradie can deliver a customised VOIP solution to fit your business’s needs.

 Simple Website Design

We can help design and create simple websites for your home business or small business.

 Home Business IT Support

Our team provides specialised IT support for smaller businesses which operate from their home without being compared to a larger business in your area.

 Small to Large Business IT Support

We provide IT support and services for small to large businesses.


For more information contact My Tech Tradie or visit our website